The ULTIMATE Advice from Elon Musk

I came across a snippet of an Elon Musk interview on YouTube and I found it powerfully poignant, to say the least.

The interviewer asked Elon to provide three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs. Here is his response:

  1. Be focused on something that you’re confident will have high value to someone else.
  2. Understand the difference between believing and sticking to your ideals versus pursuing some unrealistic dream that really doesn’t have merit, i.e, be very rigorous in your self-analysis.
  3. Be tenacious and work like hell.

We can most certainly see three overarching points critical to the development and persistence of an emergent company culture:

  1. Make something people want.
  2. Understand the relationship between decision-making and your personal values.
  3. Do the work.

While these lessons are aimed at entrepreneurs, we can surely say that it is equally applicable whether you are a student, a parent, a business professional, or an athlete, to name a few.

The Lesson:

Be conscientious about the value you seek to deliver. Understand and know yourself. Outwork and escape the competition.

Mid-Day Musings is a series of short posts on high-impact lessons from the best in the world.

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